What happens when you close yourself off from other people?

You get used to running all your own systems well.

You learn to fully take care of yourself, living completely on your own time.

A period of isolation can lead to valuable self-discovery; unaffected, you get a clear sense of exactly what you want to do, be, have…

Yet isolate yourself too long, and your mind and patterns start to set and petrify like concrete. Then, closed off and incontestable, you find yourself left with nothing to go on but what you’ve thought and learned before.

Isolation can help for introspection and plans for growth, yet these insights should naturally force you (in time) to not completely close yourself off anymore.

Why? How?

Follow the insights you gain while alone, and the values you discover and seek to build or bring will sprout far out beyond your current state, compelling you more and more to find a way that works for you to go public as the person you want to be (somewhere real and you-sized in the world).

That’s when you’re ready to connect with the right people—your people.

Read more about this isolation-to-growth-to-re-connection process here.


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