What do I do if I don’t even know who I really am?

There was an old Batman episode where Batman meets Clayface, a former actor with the power to assume any shape or identity he chooses.

During their showdown at the end, Clayface is surrounded by screens showing all the roles he once played as an actor. He can’t help but reflexively become each one he sees, frantically flashing from one to the next.

At the end, he screams something like, “No, I can’t be all of them!”

It reminds me of how identity crises tend to play out: You get swallowed up into the appeal of a fresh identity; you enjoy thinking and acting that new way for a while; but then unconsciously it starts to feel unnatural (sort of like always having to flex a muscle).

But by that point you’re already disappearing into the next alluring model.

The cycle continues and perpetuates.

Here are some writings specifically about identity crises and how to gain a clear sense of your real self:

You can indeed know exactly who you are. And you can still be and become the best version of that totally unique individual, one the world wouldn’t be the same without.


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