How do I become OK with myself?

Change your perspective on your own potential and on the people in your life.


Learn to focus on potential instead of whatever’s keeping you from it.

You might say, “Yeah, but it’s seeing myself not reaching my potential that makes me not okay with myself.”

Seeing only whatever’s keeping you from being who you could be turns those limitations (maybe immaturities or compulsions) into hard-wired excuses, which your conscious mind then uses to re-frame every thought, experience, memory…

Living like that eventually amplifies and distorts the voice of your conscience to that of a screaming, judgmental, frantic lunatic as your distance from ideal gets blown way out of proportion.

Focusing on potential and the unique values you could bring to the world changes your perspective. That’s when all your “shoulds” become “musts” and you simply can’t go on putting off the life you want.

And moving toward your potential connects you with the right people.


Some of us are nicer about it than others, but we do all tend to feel we know what’s best for the people in our world.

You might feel pressure from important people to be something you’re not. This can be an incredibly painful experience, and the feelings of rejection and judgment can run deep and stay with you as condemning voices in your head (see above).

But developing and sharing your values eventually connects you with those who understand and appreciate you for exactly who and what you are.

So, when you see yourself empowered by a new perspective to move forward toward your potential (together with those who truly love and support you), it’s hard not to be happy with yourself.


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