What are some common characteristics that apply to *all* humans no matter how different?

Great question; I enjoyed thinking about it.

Here are three basic characteristics that seem common to all humans:

  1. We’re all completely dependent upon this world we’re born into. From birth, we can’t survive without consuming (and contributing to) our environment—requiring air, food, water, etc. But this is true of all living things, not just humans, so…
  2. We’re all born into a world where we’re told the current best guesses of those that came before us; we’re given their estimations to ponder and decide between before we die, as were the ones that told the ones that told the ones that told…
  3. We’re all born with an innate belief that how we see things is correct, as well as an innate drive toward self-preservation. In time, we can develop the ability to reason objectively, to challenge our beliefs, and to weigh the importance of self-preservation among other values. Our drive toward self-preservation can also get overwhelmed by the difficulties of life; but it’s still something we’re all born with.

Lastly, we all get to experience this thing called [human] life for whatever reason. For me, just the fact that it’s happening at all makes me laugh. I sure want to make the most of it.


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