If humans were purely logical creatures, would religion exist?

Yes and no.

Existence begs the question: why?

So what could account for this reality we seem to be experiencing? What couldn’t?

Could we ever say for sure that we knew why?


What must be true about the real why . . . the actual reason for everything . . . considering what we know?

Must reality have an intended purpose in the same way we “intend” things? Must it have been thought up as we think?

The fun of religion, spirituality, mythology, theology, etc. is to consider the depth and breadth of such accountings. These are conversations had by best friends in parked cars at 3am.

The fun of philosophy is to test each and all possible accountings (and everything else) with reason.

Purely logical creatures would have to be open to all possible accountings for existence.

We don’t, by nature, tend to doubt or question our thoughts, interpretations, worldviews, etc.

But we can.


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