For me, entertainment is just a way to temporarily block out pain. How can I find true happiness?

Whatever you might be entertained by is the end result of someone else bringing their value to the world—it could be their humor, perspective, athleticism, creativity…

There’s no lasting happiness or satisfaction in merely consuming the values others produce. No matter how entertained you are, you’re still essentially wasting your life if you’re not also working toward bringing something worthwhile of your own into existence.

A life of mere consumption will pass by faster than any other, leaving you alone and regretful in the end.

“I want to outrace the speed of pain for another day.”
Marilyn Manson

What good might you be able to bring to the world? How do you see things? What are you naturally able to excel in—what don’t you have to try that hard to do really well at? What have others told you about yourself and your abilities?

Perhaps the best place to look to discover the values you could bring is the pain you’re currently using entertainment to temporarily block out. I mean, think of it this way: The world is now bored with everything perfect—perfect stories, scripts, effects, people, production, etc. Perfection doesn’t cost anything to show anymore, and we’ve all adapted psychologically to where we equate what’s perfect to advertising (something worth ignoring). Yet if you can come to face with the depths of your real pain over time, it’s that very imperfect realness others will connect with as you begin to develop whatever it is that only you can bring.


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