Could it be that people take drugs not because of any psychological problem but simply because it is fun?

People take drugs for lots of reasons. I’ve used weed for creativity and to cut through conscious indulgences (in order to reach truer intuitions buried beneath); I’ve used MDMA to experience a love and joy so overwhelming it literally sets straight my limiting thought patterns; I’ve used LSD to expand my consciousness, empathy, connectedness, etc.

Actually, all those reasons seem related, like they’re all about getting certain parts of myself out of the way so I can tap into and maximize other (deeper) parts. Maybe you could equate each of them to healing a “psychological problem”, or maybe just “psychological enhancement.”

But I’ve also used all those same drugs just for the experience—for fun.

In 2012, I flew back home to visit an old friend who hosts psychedelic trance festivals. What occurred when I attended one of his events was so amazing I decided the “value of experience” was worth actually being a better person for—worth working hard, chasing dreams, cutting out bad habits (even drug addictions), and earning more of those experiences.

So all my reasons for using drugs came together as a driving force that ended up improving my life by setting fun as one of its primary goals.

For whatever reason someone might take a drug, it gets dangerous when the dynamic starts to flip: when they use more and more until they’re no longer the one using for their own purposes—the drug is now using them for its.

Something controversial I recommend to addicts is to remember that we didn’t start out as addicts; we started out as people using substances for specific reasons. That’s why I don’t support the idea of jumping to identify forever as the addicts we became. Instead, by sharing our real experiences and motivations publicly, we can all hold ourselves accountable together to use responsibly for our actual (original) reasons—to make the experience of using the best (and perhaps most psychologically fruitful) it can possibly be.


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