What is important to God?

For now, let’s say “God” is whatever happens to be the actual cause of this reality we seem to be experiencing—the “why” or “how” behind it all.

What would be important to God (Ultimate Reality) regardless of what God really is?

If God is a person, then existence is God’s expression . . . maybe to us.

A personal, intentional God must have created us (also persons) inferior enough to have power over us, yet perhaps close enough to have some sort of relationship with. Different belief systems come to different conclusions about the levels in that relationship; and those differences basically boil down to how much choice or free will we have.

But no matter what, existence (including us) is ultimately that God’s story or design. And it’s knowing and returning to that understanding that gives believers a sense of peace, for it means God is the one choosing to love, help, save, and benefit them. They experience something like letting go, accepting, and celebrating the God and its purposes.

If God isn’t a person, we find ourselves in a reality of indeterminate scope and scale: a place where galaxies reflect molecules, and matter is always being reformed into entities that flash themselves into being and then dissipate—whether star systems, particles, life, ideas….

What might the whole universe be a reflection of in a reality where beings dream while sleeping?

To me, that makes the fact of it all apparently happening for whatever reason astounding, since we’re both part of it and aware of it.

So maybe “the way things are” is what’s important to God regardless of what God is. For reality itself seems to be the point no matter what accounts for it—no matter why or how it’s all happening.


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