Should I be depressed if my parents don’t really love me?

Worst-case scenario: You rub your parents the wrong way, you don’t see things as they do, they just say they love you because they feel they have to, and they’ll never really see or understand.

Sure, you could get depressed about that . . . but would it be worth staying depressed over? For how long?

If your parents say they love you, it means they want to.

We don’t choose our family, and we’re under no obligation to open up every part of our lives to anyone.

You don’t have to become what your parents want you to be. There are people out there who can appreciate you for who you are.

But know that nothing’s fixed. Your perspective on your parents will probably change throughout your life. Theirs might too. And they won’t be around forever.

So do your best to have as good a relationship with your parents as you can without relying on or blaming them for anything but genes and proximity.


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