Where in your body do you feel your emotions?

Great question, since I believe emotions are physical. Yes, the stories we tell ourselves about them are mental abstractions—those looping conscious thought patterns that serve to perpetuate our state. But the feelings themselves exist in our body.

Since I saw your question a couple days ago, I’ve been digging deep to really consider where I feel my emotions. I was able to bring up some powerful emotions to track, both positive and negative.

When overwhelming, my emotions seem to come to quiver and pool behind my eyes and in my sinuses. Yet I first experience them behind my chest in waves of anxiety that can shake out like electricity through my whole body, making me twitchy and nervous.

I hope many do take the time to really consider this question and look within. I believe the process can equate to meditation, enabling one to see their own state more objectively so as not to have to consciously attach to it and stay stuck.


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