Should I believe in God (because my parents and family want me to)?

I don’t think we can choose what we believe; we believe whatever we’re convinced is true.

I’d like to share a perspective to hopefully help you continue on in your search for truth without causing conflict with your loved ones.

What you’re really searching for through science, religion, etc. is the true nature of this reality we all seem to be experiencing.

So for now, let’s say “God” is whatever actually accounts for reality. God is the “why” and “how” behind it all (Ultimate Reality).

Different belief systems make different claims about God. Yet since that’s the truth you’re searching for (what’s ultimately real), you can avoid the tense impasses those who claim certainty about God always end up at.

When it comes to your family, you don’t have to make some big coming-out-of-the-atheist-closet announcement. Instead, just show you’re honestly open to learning as much as you can.

Learn exactly what your parents believe and why. Learn about as many interpretations or beliefs about God as possible.

If your parents ask if you believe something specific about God, you can say with integrity: “I’m not sure what I believe about that.” If they keep pressing, you can say “No, I don’t see how God could be ___________, but…” and then share the things you do value and treasure about their beliefs.

Again, there’s really never any need for conflict if you’re honest and humble enough about your search.

Yes, your parents might get upset at first. Our beliefs touch down to the core of our identity, so perceived challenges to belief can feel like personal attacks.

But just keep showing what you honestly appreciate about their beliefs, values, etc.

Show that your ultimate aim is to discover truth; then if the version of God your family believes in is actually true, they should have enough faith to believe their God will reveal that truth to you.


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