Faith, trust, belief… what’s the difference?

Today someone asks: What are the differences between faith, trust, and belief?

Great question, since many use all three terms to mean the same thing. I go through each (in reverse order) in my video response below. Here’s an outline:


You believe whatever you’re convinced is true. You could be convinced for good or bad reasons.

Even though you can act like you believe something (if you think you’re supposed to for some reason), you can’t decide what you’re convinced of.

Everything you think about how things are is a belief.


You trust someone (or something) that’s proven worth believing in.

You can’t choose to trust someone the way you can choose to forgive or help someone, for example. Trust can only be earned.


Faith is seeing possibility or potential. If you tie a biblical narrative to it (a specific accounting you might believe in), then that possibility equals heaven or God’s promises being fulfilled in your life.

Yet at its core, faith is just seeing that something good or valuable is actually possible.



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