What is the point of working hard for success?

Your life is the time you have, and that time keeps going by no matter what.

So the question becomes: Why spend your time now on what’s difficult and uncomfortable only to maybe earn something more enjoyable later?

Well, because there’s no real satisfaction unless you believe you’re using your time to make your life valuable.

In fact, consuming enjoyment instead of producing value makes enjoyment nearly impossible.

It also makes you feel useless, so you adopt a whole prickly system of mental games to justify who you are and what you do. And then you’re not even you; so any real connections with others based on honest hopes and perspective become impossible.

Taking steps to produce [potential] value is an uncertain roller coaster ride; but if you can see life/time/experience (all the same thing, really) objectively enough, then you can’t ignore it’s the ride you’ve always wanted to take.

“It is simply more fun to be working toward a goal, however elusive, than to lie around prostrate with despair.”
Bruce Doran


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