What’s the feeling of being in love?

There are two feelings of being in love.

First, you feel this all-encompassing rush of connection, attraction, and affirmation that sets you sailing for months.

You and your special someone seem to be floating high up on the clouds of your own private world.

It’s almost scary just how shared the beautiful experience of being in that bubble is.

Then life happens. You start to see the other’s flaws.

Responsibilities and aggravations tear at your bubble, though it never officially pops. It’s just that one day you’re floating above, and the next you find yourselves back down in the dirty minefield of life’s uncertainties, though now walking through it together.

But walk together long enough, and you reach the second feeling of being in love.

That’s when the amazing sensations that once carried you are now just happy memories; but you find in their place a much deeper, abiding sense of respect for who the person really is and wants to be.

You can appreciate their hopes and quirks.

You’re no longer overcome with new feelings that inspire a private soundtrack to be composed just for the two of you. But that calm, steady knowing never has to fade.

That love can continue on and keep growing stronger for the rest of your lives.

2 thoughts on “What’s the feeling of being in love?

  1. If the two have… or should I say “had”, the degree of maturity and education and intelligence and psychological valiance Jung rightly says is needed to achieve the integration of their own Self, the second stage can be still better than the first.

    Most of lies (of omission, commission, those the frontal cortex manufactures false reasons to view as selfless, … ALL of lies, in a word) are told to themselves also, not only to the other person.

    I include in the above also the truths that aren’t told. The bulk of untold truth is truths the psychological balance (and desires) of the person that leaves them untold requires not be told to him/herself either.

    90% of truths humans can’t tell to their “loved” one… they can’t because, to tell him/her, they should tell them to themselves to begin with.


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