Can thinking positively change your attitude about everything?

The full potential of positive thought depends on whether or not you believe in magic. But we’ll get back to that.

People really aren’t that complicated. What you tend to focus on and talk about sets the general course for the direction you’re going.

If your thoughts revolve around why someone in charge was wrong, why you never do well at sticking to goals, how unfair the situation is at work or home… well, you’ll generally move toward more erratic, self-sabotaging, and negative attitudes, behaviors, and experiences.

But if your thoughts revolve around what you love to do, who you hope to be, what you seem to be good at and enjoy, the people you can truly be yourself with (about all those other hopes and joys)… you’ll move toward a happy life lived in line with your values.

Now, could you make a parking space appear by conjuring one?

Let’s say you’re en route to a truly world-changing future… Could an airplane still crash through your roof?

Not believing in magic actually makes the formula much simpler: You’re going one of two ways; that’s it.


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