Is knowing everything the same as knowing nothing?

It depends why we know—why we want to think, speak, learn, see…

Some forever add to knowledge, perpetuating a language of endless terms and descriptions in the guise of understanding.

Others forever subtract and divide, seeing each known idea or thing for only what it is and how it could potentially fit and connect with as many others as possible.

Ironically, the first group sets the standard for knowing, though what their systems result in is a bunch of elaborate (isolated) parts.

Show the second group enough of only what is—let enough be captured, simplified, and connected—and the need for knowing, thinking, and even speaking ceases.

“Before I learned the art, a punch was just a punch, and a kick, just a kick.
After I learned the art, a punch was no longer a punch, a kick, no longer a kick. Now that I understand the art, a punch is just a punch and a kick is just a kick.”
Bruce Lee


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