I don’t feel any love for myself. How can I fix this?

I think it’s important to realize you don’t hate yourself. If you did, you wouldn’t want to fix it. You’d be happy to see yourself hurt, failing, hopeless, rejected…

You might be really concerned about yourself.

Chances are you’re fixated on your [potential] flaws, and don’t generally see yourself as being any good. Specifics like your appearance, ways, voice, etc. might make you cringe whenever you notice them.

It would be too easy (but true) for me to say: There are certain good things only you can do, see, be, and bring the world.

The problem is those good things exist now as mere seeds buried deep beneath everything else in you that you find so bad or unlovable.

It’s difficult when good seeds can only show you potential, and everything in your experience screams it’s nowhere near enough.

But in terms of living out your life each day, it’s much easier and more enjoyable to focus on and nurture true seeds of potential than thrashing to fake or force your flaws to disappear.

You can’t be what you’re simply not; but you can be what you could become more and more.


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