I feel like I’ve lost all my willpower. How do I get it back and why is this happening?

Once Rocky wins the title (in Rocky II), he finds out his trainer has been fixing easy fights to keep him safe.

He then loses the championship, his trainer dies, and he’s left completely broken and filled with self-doubt.

Rocky tries to train a new way to come back and recapture the title; but we see him distracted, haunted by fear, and unable to commit as progress seems less and less likely or possible.

Why did you lose your willpower?

Here are two possible reasons (but your response to both can be the same):

First, you change as you get older. What you can and should pay attention to changes. Your body changes.

All this change can sometimes feel like you’ve lost some innate ability.

It can also feel like a lost sense of adventure, perception, or imagination.

And change seems to happen especially fast in the light of big plans and far-off dreams. When you don’t see progress, and time just keeps happening (never to be reversed), you can unconsciously start to wonder, What’s the point?

Second, it’s always easier not to grow, to pursue goals, or to buckle down and actually do what you’ve probably spent so much time convincing everyone (even yourself) you’re already making headway in (without actually doing anything).

Temptations to back off—to consume value instead of produce—never stop. You compromise a little somewhere, and then a little more somewhere else; then when your actions get held up to the light of your highest ideals, you can unconsciously start to wonder, What’s the point?

How do you get your willpower back?

That’s really like asking: “How do you get your essence back?”

Rocky had to go back to the beginning—to take himself out of the immediate equation of failure, procrastination, doubt, and distraction. His perspective had to change before he could do what he knew he needed to.

If you [unconsciously] see only failure when it comes to moving forward toward your goals, stop going through the motions.

If you see only an impossible distance from your real experience to your ideal self, stop.

To continue on would be trying to cut down a tree with no blade on the ax.

Learn instead to simply hear the individual voices of everything you truly want (your real values); see instead only your own next steps (from how far you’ve come already).


Well, here’s a chapter that starts to talk about the role of willpower when it comes to facing yourself, changing your perspective, and moving forward.

You might want to read chapters 34 through 42.

No matter how far gone, I believe you can always get your willpower back.


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