Does humanity still exist?

Humanity still exists. It’s just not known to make for good TV.

Fortunes are spent to keep this rather tense, unfriendly, uncaring picture of the world in front of everyone at all times. This is because tension is known to quickly grip our attention, fostering fears that commercials can then be set to sell to.

Since that ugly picture is what we’re all always shown, that’s what mainstream culture celebrates.

Today popularity comes from making a show of not caring what anyone else says or wants.

The good news: Not everyone cares about popularity (those who don’t just aren’t usually shown).

There are still many who push to bring value wherever they go—who want to take the time to listen, to accommodate, and to make others happy without any direct benefit to themselves.

More good news: While mainstream culture still rewards immaturity and carelessness, we see the whole concept of “mainstream” quietly dying all around us.

Authorities just can’t pay for our attention the same way anymore.

And without the costs of a mainstream culture, we lose that classic need to build and hold tension while dumbing down information for mass marketability.

So those we choose to watch, connect with, and follow get freer and freer to be real.

In fact, when anyone has a voice that everyone could potentially hear, authenticity becomes the new standard.

So don’t watch the news. Instead, hear what real people are saying. Make friends with diverse individuals across the world. Hear their stories. Share yours.

You’ll find a lot more humanity than you might think.


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