What does being on drugs feel like?

It depends on the drug.

I remember getting high for the first time as a teenager, thinking, Well, this isn’t really a “feeling,” it’s more a different way of seeing, experiencing, being…

For psychoactive drugs, the experience seems to show me through my own barriers. It helps me see in-between my everyday thoughts to understand why I normally think as I do. I see all the silly games I tend to play for exactly what they are, and I can start to let them go (or at least enjoy their futile drama instead of being overwhelmed by it).

Some drugs help me see past my ego; and in more extreme cases, the ego can go away entirely until I forget what being me even is.

Time can lose all meaning.

I often enjoy seeing the inner workings of my mind reflected back on new planes, represented in flashing colors and sounds I can almost recognize.


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