What is more important: safety or fun?

It depends who you’re talking to.

In a recent podcast episode, Tony Robbins paints a beautiful picture of the six fundamental needs all humans have.

These six needs are what we all find important, but we don’t all weigh them the same.

To avoid or solve conflicts, it can help to realize which needs others are focused on.

So, here are the six needs Tony says drive everything we do:

1: Certainty

This is the need for safety, control, and security. Those with a high need for certainty won’t take many risks. They’ll prefer comfort and practical stability in life.

2. Uncertainty

This is the need for fun, variety, and happy surprises. Those who highly value uncertainty will follow their impulses, and prefer things not to get too settled or predictable.

3. Significance

This the need to feel important, special, and unique. Those whose primary motivation is significance make great caregivers. They love to sacrifice for either their tribe or humanity as a whole (the more significant, the better).

4. Love

This is the need for connection; and some crave connection more than others—whether connection to people, pets, nature, a higher power…

5. Growth

This is the need for progress and forward momentum, whether in relationships, a career, or in character (growing as a person). Those with a high need for growth make great motivators and coaches.

6. Giving

This is the need for contribution. Contributors give and provide meaningful value for others.

So the question then becomes: Which do you find most important, safety or fun?

For me, it’s neither; but I do crave love, growth, and giving.


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