If nobody understands you, are you insane?

Probably not.

You might sense an insurmountable gap between your inner world (with all its potential) and what others can currently understand or appreciate of it.

But the second half of knowing, thinking, and being (as a person) is learning to communicate; otherwise any treasures you find within yourself stay locked up and unknown.

First, discover what your treasures are: How do you see things? What do you care about? What are you good at? What do you know?

See your treasures enough for their [potential] value to push you to find ways that naturally work for you to connect and bring those treasures to life wherever they (and you) fit in the world.

But here’s the really tricky part about learning to connect what you see in yourself to others: You have to be flexible; you have to leave your perceptions open to evolve as you bring them out from concealment and expose them to the noise and carelessness of a fast world where attention is prized as currency.

So treat the whole process as a humbling lesson instead of an entitled right.

If you try to hold too fixed a point of view about when, where, and how what’s in you must be built, connected, and received, many potential connections will be lost.

People don’t care about what’s in you until they see it touching what’s in them. And if you feel so misunderstood by everyone, it will surely take a lot of flexibility and trial-and-error on your part to find the best ways to [re]connect.

Just remember that not all connections are visible. How often have you specifically told someone why you understand them?

Consider the process I’m describing to be an experiment: It can be what shows you whether you really are insane, or just disconnected.


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