How do you explain fate and free will?

Here’s an experiment:

  1. Say some completely random words.
  2. Now do something completely random.

How random were your words and actions just now, really? Was there any thought process behind them at all (any weighing of options)?

Imagine if everything we ever said or did was completely random. Would that be free will?

Every choice we make is between options, and those options are brought about and guided by various forces.

For us humans, it helps to see those forces as competing values: for example, the value of taste vs. the value of health.

You’re free to choose to a point; but then it really depends on what we mean by “you” exactly. Part of you wants one thing; another wants something else.

So it might help to consider yourself and your will as a consensus of all your inner forces, values, and options weighing together.


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