What is the best way to empty my mind?

Be aware of what’s filling it. And that’s it.

Experiences and emotions occur in moments; but then your ego tells you stories to keep them going.

Your ego rehearses things like wrongs done against you, treasured memories, and really anything that either props up or deflates your sense of worth or self.

Generally, your ego’s stories are about how you wish you could force things to be—how you think they should be . . . like all the reasons you feel you should be more understood, accepted, supported, feared, unaffected…

And you can’t fight your ego, even when you want to.

You are your ego.

You can’t silence your ego’s stories, even when you see them keeping you from concentrating on projects or loved ones . . . even keeping you from sleep.

What you can do is see your ego’s stories for exactly what they are. You can see them in a context that gets wider and wider as your perspective matures to understand more and more what you really want, long-term, as a person.

When my first serious girlfriend broke up with me, there were definitely some weeks spent eating gallons of ice-cream and bawling while watching old Friends episodes.

My ego kept walking me back through the relationship to keep me focused on just how hurt I thought I had a right to be.

But eventually I came to see that my life’s core values and direction had really been intact long before that relationship had begun.

It still hurt, sure. I still thought about it a lot. But I knew it was ok.

Jesus walks up to a cripple and says, “Do you want to be well?” But the guy’s ego leaps in with: “Well no one’s helping me; and everyone keeps getting in my way; and…”

What do you really want?

Responding to your ego ends up being exactly the same as meditation, for it is meditation: Just see; see the inner drama happening, but also see the wider context.

Let thoughts and feelings come and go, even watching some grip and prod you for a while; but then also see why that frantic story your ego won’t stop spinning isn’t ultimately that important.

2 thoughts on “What is the best way to empty my mind?

  1. Great advice. It reminds me of the saying about letting dirt settle in a pond. Trying to attack the dirt and get rid of it only makes the pond dirtier. But simply observing the dirt and letting it settle eventually makes the pond clear.


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