Do looks matter in finding a life partner?

Human beings are beautiful.

Our minds and hearts each shine with a unique light that anyone who took the time to really get to know us would at least have to appreciate, if not love.

Yes, some relationships can be especially . . . interesting.

Some people are louder than others. Some are colder. Some are more dignified. Some move much faster.

In the long run, it’s seeing the beauty of the two individual souls involved that can safely deliver both through their out-of-control, falling-in-love phase—when they float along together in their own private world—to a place of rich, abiding admiration and true partnership.

Looks fade.

But effort matters. To watch someone you love not taking care of themself can cause deep feelings of resentment and anger; it can feel disrespectful, as though they don’t care about you or the relationship.

And from a less self-focused perspective, seeing someone you love not taking care of themself will probably fill you with worry about their future.

So what do you do in that situation?

Well, don’t react in bitterness or resentment. Instead, try to be a good example.

Without words, help them see the joy and value in making positive changes.

Talk generally about their underlying feelings without nagging them to do anything specific.

In the long run, practice taking care of yourself with them; and practice taking a few steps back from time to time to see them for the extraordinary treasure they are as a person.


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