What are you bad at?

font-squareThe unclear dividing line for me is between things I have no natural ability for and things I’m afraid to just step up and try.

I’m not practical by nature, that’s for sure. I have no sense of territory, organization, or how to work a room or situation to my favor.

I’ll walk unaware past signs of obvious danger, my head tucked hopelessly up in the clouds . . . probably considering some unusual idea for a story I might be working on.

But where the line between unsuited and unconfident gets blurred for me has to do with how I should express myself.

I find this quite easy. I’ll see a question, or catch some spark of an idea, and an outline starts to form.

For this question, the outline was the two sides of that unclear line (“unsuited and unconfident”).

I’ll gradually add to the outline, and then walk away and think about it for awhile before coming back to reform my thoughts until they flow a certain way.

I always told myself I should only stick to communicating like this because I know it works and its comfortable.

But I’m amazed by people who can think and speak on the fly, like certain YouTubers I’m subscribed to who can just jump on a mic and talk for 20 minutes.

I’ve tried doing things like that a few times, but it felt incredibly jarring compared to just slowly massaging ideas out into text.

But take away the camera, and I can think and talk just fine.

So after a few years of moving almost sideways to move forward, I’ve realized that being a person in real time isn’t necessarily outside my wheelhouse the way being practical definitely is.


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