What is the purpose of faith in religion?

Within specific religious theologies, “faith” acts as a currency. Showing you’ll accept and live by the interpretation is what grants you entrance and power.

I’m not saying there’s necessarily anything wrong with that (especially if the theology turns out to be true).

But at its core, faith is just seeing possibility. It’s seeing that a value you hope for could potentially be or become [more] real.

Dogmatic accountings and interpretations might limit faith unnecessarily to function only within their paradigms—bringing about only those values which can thrive within their systems.

But perspective always starts off so narrow and sure of itself until it’s eventually forced to see a bigger picture.

And that’s what tends to happen, both with individuals and theologies—they evolve and widen in time (once they have to). Thus faith gets set gradually freer and freer by degrees to shine out, connect, and show more of what could be.


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