Is truth worth dying for?

Which is more valuable: life or truth?

Regardless of the amount of truth you have or know, there’s no telling how much more you could uncover in your remaining time.

That said, I believe your real experience and honest perspective are worth more than anything.

I wrote a story about my 4-5 year experience with addiction. Near the end of that journey, I remember thinking (and writing) that if someone were to offer me billions of dollars to erase my story, I wouldn’t even consider it.

Now, would I be willing to die for my story—for my real experience and honest perspective?


Without mapping out my whole college history and evolving train of thought in detail, I’ll just say this: Studying to be a Math teacher led to studying Philosophy; I realized how much I wanted to know exactly what, if anything, could be known for sure.

But then Philosophy topped or bottomed out into Literature and writing, culminating for me as a belief in the sheer importance of art and expression.


Well, time and space seem to be happening for some reason, and it looks like somehow we’re all part of it. We can know things about reality (if we make certain basic assumptions first); and we know those truths by degrees.

For example, reality itself is surer than any interpretation or accounting for why it’s here and happening in the first place.

But experience itself is truer and surer than anything; so, to me, expressing our real lives and honest points of view is incredibly important and perhaps the closest thing to Truth.

That’s why I’d die for my own limited, imperfect, yet hopefully real expressions.


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