Why do so many people think that socialism is bad?

Many see socialism as unfair because the value individuals provide goes unrewarded. Those that work hard, solve big problems, and apply their knowledge and talents don’t receive any more or less in compensation than anyone else.

On the other hand, many see free capitalism and other libertarian systems as dangerous due to potential greed and selfish tendencies of those who can gain power.

It’s a problem when the shortcomings of each ideal can be so easily spun out of proportion by competing corporations (businesses, governments, media entities, interest groups, etc.), all fighting for influence and resources. This creates a false one-or-the-other dynamic that can only be limiting, unbalanced, immature, and unhelpful.

The actual values each “side” represents don’t have to contradict or conflict at all. In fact, no values (sans dogmatic interpretations regarding which are more important) do.

Socialism represents values like community and equality.

Libertarianism represents freedom and individual potential.

So what could possibly change our current state of division-via-fear-and-spin responsible for demonizing and preemptively (needlessly) writing off that which isn’t personally prized?

That might be like asking: What could make a flower grow through dirt?

I believe such a change is already in motion.

In a world of smart phones—total access to communication, entertainment, information…—what more could anyone claim as important to own beyond having our basic needs met?

In that world, why would excessive wealth be seen as any kind of motivation? How could such a drive be understood to stem from anything but fear?

And what will selfishness, greed, anxiety, etc. look like in a fully connected world of equal individuals newly free to join and build value together without need of competing infrastructures, boards, or middlemen?


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